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1. Is Auction the right method for me?

Auctions are a fast, efficient way to sell your items. They are open to the public and allow all interested parties to participate. Auctions are the right option for your items if: you want fair market value, time is of the essence and you want to limited effort on your part. 


2. What is an auction?

An auction is a process of buying and selling goods by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder.


3. What do I need to do to sell an item with Charleston Auction House?

1. A Charleston Auction House professional will work with you to select which auction best fits your items.

2. Provide a description and photographs of the items(s) you wish to sell.

3. For estates, Charleston Auction House can examine the items on-site. Based on that examination, we can estimate a sales value range.


4. How can I get my items(s) to Charleston Auction House?

1.Bring the item(s) in yourself.

2. Hire an independent delivery company to pick up the item(s) and deliver to Charleston Auction House.

3. Charleston Auction House can arrange to pack and pick up your estate or collection.

4. Charleston Auction House will work with you to determine the most cost effective and appropriate form of delivery for your item(s).

5. In select cases, items may be sold in their current location.


5. Are there any other expenses I will have to pay?

Only the selling commission and a pick-up/delivery charge, if applicable, will be paid by Consignor.  If you deliver your items to CAH, the commission split is 60% to the consignor and 40% to CAH. If items are sold from existing location, commission split is 60% to consignor and 40% to CAH. If CAH picks up your items, the commission split is 50% to the consignor and 50% to CAH.


6. How does CAH advertise my estate or items?

1. : CAH advertises its auctions using Auctionzip is an online directory of live auction listings which attracts more than 25 million visitors.

2. Email: CAH emails to over 2,800 potential bidders in the Charleston region at least twice a week before the sale.

3. Other advertisement: We may use other forms of advertisement suitable for your estate or items (newspaper ads, magazine, etc.) appropriate forms of advertisement will be used.

4. Photos and descriptions of item on the website and other social media such as facebook. 


7. How and when may I expect payment?

Payments will be made by check and will be sent in the mail to the consigner. Charleston Auction House strives to get payments in the mail 15 days after the DATE of the sale. However, it may take up to 30 days for checks to be sent by mail. You will receive an itemized list of each item with its sales price and charges (commission and pick-up, if applicable). Any other expenses will be paid by the buyer.

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